DragonForce Live Herman Li & Michael Angelo Batio Shred Talk Twitch Shred Collab

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3 ай мурун

Shred Talk! DragonForce guitarist Herman Li invited his guitar hero @Michael Angelo Batio, the legendary shred guitar god of speed kills and Nitro, onto his Twitch livestream. The result? One of the most insane shred guitar livestream on Twitch! Did you get the keys to the Lamborghini like Herman? Who else do you want to see on Herman Li's Twitch livestreams?
Visit Michael Angelo Batio's official site: handswithoutshadows.com/
Watch the full livestream with Herman Li & Michael Angelo Batio, and more on Twitch VOD: www.twitch.tv/videos/706799156
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DragonForce 3 ай мурун
Herman Li is giving away a guitar this month (August) on his Twitch channel. More info at twitch.tv/hermanli
Centaurus Ай мурун
I won it! Thanks for the Yamaha Pacifica, needed a set up but all good.
Kate Morgan
Kate Morgan 2 ай мурун
Kate Morgan
Kate Morgan 2 ай мурун
I loved my Charvel/Jackson. The Ritz looked a lot like it
Kate Morgan
Kate Morgan 2 ай мурун
Kate Morgan
Kate Morgan 2 ай мурун
aww missed it need something to shred on gave my acoustics to my niece and and friends
Nerse เนิส ชัชวาลย์ สุวรรณบุตร
Nerse เนิส ชัชวาลย์ สุวรรณบุตร 5 саат мурун
Amazing​ jam​, you​ play​ Best​ feelling, like​ child​ren play​, you​ give​ me​ smile, Thank​ you​ so​ much​😊
take shelter
take shelter Күн мурун
Herman this is really cool keep up the good wwork
Lucas R. F.
Lucas R. F. Күн мурун
For me, Michael Angelo is the father of all virtuous influences in metal solo guitar. When I saw him at first time, he gives me energy to study and play more precise every day!
Andrew Clinton
Andrew Clinton Күн мурун
pacineq Күн мурун
So there are bright sides of the lockdown too.
janax blues!
janax blues! 2 күн мурун
The Shred God and the Saint of Shred
AraAra1234 4 күн мурун
There's been a Michael Angelo of sculpting in the past and now we have a Michael Angelo of shred. M-A-B is proof reincarnation is real.
Jaime Lizarraga Jr.
Jaime Lizarraga Jr. 5 күн мурун
Woulda love to see The Shred master play that FENDER MUSTANG🤘
Jose Martinez Walter
Jose Martinez Walter 5 күн мурун
my computer was about to explode because of that much shred
SueThaWoodThoo 5 күн мурун
this video in itself is a dream. loved this!
Hugo Pedroso
Hugo Pedroso 5 күн мурун
Oh my God... MAB is just amazing! As a guitarist and as a person! Loved this video!
Chowa Vibes
Chowa Vibes 6 күн мурун
Y dnt u send me 1 guitar..😂😅
antoyno 7 күн мурун
What a time to be alive
The Riffleman's Lair
The Riffleman's Lair 7 күн мурун
watching this burns!! damn!!
water bottle
water bottle 7 күн мурун
Oh my gosh, I hate myself. I hated this guy because I hate his shredding, the other reason is I thought he has an asshole rockstar attitude without even hearing him talk. But turns out he's a very cool guy! Sorry to misjudged you Mr. Batio, you're awesome!
SheaRecordmetal 10 күн мурун
Dude this is awesome. !
Rex Overbey
Rex Overbey 11 күн мурун
I met and talked with Michael Angelo Batio after a clinic. Real nice and cool guy.
Sebastian Gołębiowski
Sebastian Gołębiowski 11 күн мурун
Fun fact: both of these guys are lefties playing guitar right handed.
TVnorminStudio 12 күн мурун
Jesus shredding with God*
Minhazul Islam
Minhazul Islam 13 күн мурун
Michael: I got 170 Herman: (literally the most asian thing ever) well I got 154..
Jeff Bowling
Jeff Bowling 14 күн мурун
Legends. Batio has had a major influence in Euro power metal and neoclassical sounds too.
Lening Sangma
Lening Sangma 14 күн мурун
Too legends ❤️❤️❤️
Liam Harris
Liam Harris 14 күн мурун
I feel like nobody who’s ever lived has loved the electric guitar more than mab
DieNetaDie 14 күн мурун
that guitar is part of history
Loma Zuala
Loma Zuala 15 күн мурун
I can't believe MAB set the boundaries of how far shredding can go before I was even born and here I am trying to learn the difference between minor and major scales 😭
Gitaristang Pulpol
Gitaristang Pulpol 16 күн мурун
Mga Demonyo!
Qhevili Swu
Qhevili Swu 17 күн мурун
Thank God for having such talent that u 2 have,stay rocking and we keep on watching
Angel Vogel
Angel Vogel 20 күн мурун
I love they are so professional and humble with their public, they always inspire me to play
Tukang Mancing
Tukang Mancing 21 күн мурун
Amazing 👍👍👍😍
CB 21 күн мурун
damn this wig
fallen gaming
fallen gaming 27 күн мурун
cool god guitar battle once live bigo uncle
Der Kjor
Der Kjor 27 күн мурун
This was so fucking cool. Keys to the Lamborghini baby.
Ross Delman
Ross Delman 28 күн мурун
Micheal angelo batio is a lambourgini
Ernesto Glez
Ernesto Glez 29 күн мурун
Renato Moreira
Renato Moreira 29 күн мурун
I want see friend the Michael batio?!
Darrel Macay
Darrel Macay 29 күн мурун
Amazing and awesome ❤🤘
Robert Richard
Robert Richard Ай мурун
What a fucking legend!
Braulio Rodríguez
Braulio Rodríguez Ай мурун
Wow that’s more than epic
Jonas Lubas
Jonas Lubas Ай мурун
9:26 When I see a mosquitoes
Thomas D
Thomas D Ай мурун
Thanks for having done this meeting Herman, it brought back some memories!
Mak Or
Mak Or Ай мурун
Micheal Angelo Batio is truly an Angel. So human and so humble. Makes me respect him and admire him even more.
Saransh Singh
Saransh Singh Ай мурун
It was such a passionate moment when he was showing that broken legendary guitar wich such deddication.
Clark H
Clark H Ай мурун
Herman is genuinely such a kind-hearted amazing person. What a great representative for a band I'm incredibly impressed.
Jenya Kirmiza
Jenya Kirmiza Ай мурун
I'm still waiting for the keys to lamborghini
Ulor Ай мурун
I saw MAB live a couple years back, not only does he play through the hits and more, he's also an excellent story teller with TON of great stories.
Blackie Black
Blackie Black Ай мурун
Love the way when either guy is talking, the other is noodling around and listening, but mostly just noodling around. True shredders.
nil nil
nil nil Ай мурун
mike is an awesome wonderful man.
S T Ай мурун
What an amazing video. MAB and Herman Li. Respect!!!!
Salvatore_Nothipster Ай мурун
Not at all what I expected him to be like. He was so sweet and excited to share all his cool stuff.
Juan Vistra
Juan Vistra Ай мурун
\m/ speed killer both! YHHHHH \m/
J Lopez
J Lopez Ай мурун
omg this is amazing
tullster21 Ай мурун
this dude bought a house for his guitars
benny celtbanz
benny celtbanz Ай мурун
Angelo Batio really my heroe in the guitar¡¡ I want to play like him¡¡ it is so amazing so many wonderful when you watch how to play the guitar very fast and only one special technic Who could play like that? Just Michael Angelo Batio, but Herman Li it's amazing too.... 😎🖒
TheWeebs1968 Ай мурун
Just mental! Coordination Supreme.
Tiago Ай мурун
Guitar God Really Exists what the heck
uiliamgroovemam@gmail.com santos
uiliamgroovemam@gmail.com santos Ай мурун
You guys are fucking amazing!!!!!
Noob4ce Ай мурун
Michael Angelo Batio: i like guitars.
Can Evren
Can Evren Ай мурун
8:42 That's why you are watching this video. Herman joins the server. Thank me later.
indische kraj
indische kraj Ай мурун
i feel so untalented after watching this video
Elias Annan
Elias Annan Ай мурун
Epic Moment
Arjun Ad
Arjun Ad Ай мурун
People hate MAB cuz they know they can never reach the level he plays at.. people love MAB cuz they know what level he plays at and also he probably is the nicest God level guitarist than any1 else... and yeah i am a fan of herman and reb beach and Dime.. gosh.... who is the one that i dont like.. ( maybe yangwie)
Oscar Calva moreno
Oscar Calva moreno Ай мурун
Missasinfonia pro 😎👍
MyOwnDesign Ай мурун
Michael is awesome, and his solos are incredible, but melodically wise, he is not that great
Bossman Holess
Bossman Holess Ай мурун
Herman you should try and get Buckethead on the stream, I’ve been waiting my whole life to get a legit interview/ hang from him he such a unique guitarist/artist
manu941234 Ай мурун
Madre mia el dineral que tiene en guitarras XD. Y yo con una de 300€ :S
Mike Dlc
Mike Dlc Ай мурун
the first time I saw Michael Angelo Batio was in a movie called Shock Em Dead he plays the devil in hell shredding a double neck guitar with two hot blondes wrapped around his legs as he shreds , for you guitar nerds that like stuff like Cross Roads with Vai and haven't seen Shock Em Dead check it out it's good cheesy fun with a lot of guitar AND ALSO it seems like they filmed some of Shock Em Dead in Michael Angelo Batio's home it looks like the guitar room in the movie
Shigeo D Rosales
Shigeo D Rosales Ай мурун
Nunca crei ver un crossover entre MAB y Herman Li y tocando un feat de No Boundaires ahora sólo me falta verlo con Malmsteen y poder morir en paz
dennis imus
dennis imus Ай мурун
Thank you Michael Angelo Batio for showing to us your legendary two pieces of quad guitar in close up.
Taipolar Ай мурун
I'm selling my Bass for a guitar today
DragonForce Ай мурун
Ryan01224 Ай мурун
I see guitar God I hear the back in my day grandpa voice
demonwar forest
demonwar forest Ай мурун
Buen video herman Li gracias por regalarnos estos videos son 100 puntos
Unidentified Filming Objects
Unidentified Filming Objects Ай мурун
this is the best previlaged video i've ever seen in whole 2020. respect both of you guys!!
Prokurator Generalny Dziura w Dupie
Prokurator Generalny Dziura w Dupie Ай мурун
What's amazing for me is MAB's personality. He's such a nice guy.
EDI P Ай мурун
This Herman guy is not bad at all, you guys. He should form a band.
Betorockmetal Ай мурун
OMG Batio's guitar collection is legendary!
Mainak Dutta
Mainak Dutta Ай мурун
Batio is so so humble... I met him once at my hometown... It's so amazing how he demonstrates his guitars and look how excited he is... Just as a kid would show another kid his toys... He's so simple at heart... A true legend he is... And lots of love to you too Harman... The first song I heard of DragonForce was Heros of our time.. and got just blown away... Thanks for all the inspiration sir... ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tony Mioni
Tony Mioni Ай мурун
Love the reaction channel Herman
Jeffrey Viper
Jeffrey Viper Ай мурун
Also, you had some vibes of Sonata Arctica. I remember seeing you both at a concert in Worcester like... ten years ago? Great to see you guys!
Mr_H Ай мурун
Bruh, this is so epico! :D
iasl25 Ай мурун
Leyends. Thanks Herman. Amazing job with Twitch.
Meng Ай мурун
MAB should have his own youtube channel. Such a cool and humble guy!
Cristian Rodriguez
Cristian Rodriguez Ай мурун
Holy Crap!!!!
David Duncanson
David Duncanson Ай мурун
If the doctor said to these guys we have to amputate both your legs to save 1 finger I'm pretty sure they'd be wheelchair shopping in no time.
Andrés Cano
Andrés Cano Ай мурун
Took me back to when I was 16 yo, you´re amazing Herman, thanks for doing this!
Operaciones 2
Operaciones 2 Ай мурун
that moment on 9:25 show how fun was, a lot enegy
The Bugiman
The Bugiman Ай мурун
MAB you are fun to watch. I can feel your excitement sharing your collection and jamming with Herman. Long live to you.
Andres Escalante
Andres Escalante Ай мурун
Imagine if these guitar gods made a DBZ soundtrack
Falcon Ай мурун
Thank you Li and Batio. If we were in a band together...
Bye Felicia
Bye Felicia Ай мурун
Well folks, I thought my balls dropped until I saw MAB’s guitar collection 😳
Centaurus Ай мурун
Octopus of the fretboard!
Joshanonimous Guzman
Joshanonimous Guzman Ай мурун
jajjaja ese herman li ajjajaj xd herman and michael PERFECT !!
auggie nelle
auggie nelle Ай мурун
absolutely amazing !!!!!!
옥동스타일 Ай мурун
a crazy shredder with another crazy shredder.... wow
Dominic Lorenzo
Dominic Lorenzo Ай мурун
damnit the skill on this video is insane
Supernatural Ай мурун
passion is ageless. amazing talent.
Thiago Albino Santos
Thiago Albino Santos Ай мурун
Soooooo cooool to see him having fun in a live. Thanks Herman!
Albert Schembri
Albert Schembri Ай мурун
Emre Onderoglu
Emre Onderoglu Ай мурун
This is sad, confusing and entertaining
Pojok Printing
Pojok Printing Ай мурун
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