DragonForce Reaction - Herman Li Reacts to The Dooo Playing Guitar on Omegle

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5 ай мурун

DragonForce guitarist @Herman Li live reaction to @TheDooo "Playing Guitar on Omegle but I pretend I'm a beginner 2." See what Herman Li thinks of @TheDooo playing Through the Fire and Flames. Will @TheDooo accept Herman Li's challenge?
The Dooo accepted! Watch the full livestream with Herman Li here on Twitch VOD (July 15 2020): bit.ly/38fwYqU
#dragonforce #hermanli #thedooo
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Shepherd RM
Shepherd RM 10 саат мурун
Hey Herman weird huh how someone nails a solo you can't
Caleb the Magnificent
Caleb the Magnificent Күн мурун
3:48 LMAO “scream like your parents were murdered in front of me”
alex robledo
alex robledo Күн мурун
You know thedooo made it when Herman Li says that his solo was the best verison live
Ping Pong Un
Ping Pong Un Күн мурун
When you get a request from HERMAN LI to teach you guitar.... watt da fakk.
Anthony Mazzini
Anthony Mazzini Күн мурун
No the best cover is that of Tina S !!! for sure
xenon sheikh
xenon sheikh Күн мурун
" I need to take lessons from The Dooo" 🥺🙏
Dale Blankinchip
Dale Blankinchip 2 күн мурун
FOR real though...thats what I noticed the most about the Dooo's vids....is that everyone has a smile on their face. Thats a talent that is rare and special.
Nengah Mujiani
Nengah Mujiani 2 күн мурун
Ngomong opo iki😭
signor don
signor don 2 күн мурун
that's the content bruh
VFX _Valiant
VFX _Valiant 2 күн мурун
fuck me i thought ya were Asian, props tho bro you can fucking shred.
S Des
S Des 2 күн мурун
Awesome video. It really is amazing how many spectacular musicians there are that no one has ever heard of just sitting around without much more to do than post silly content on KGpost. To my knowledge he's never revealed his identity or if he plays with a band but his skills are next level.... And he's funny
Koen Lousberg
Koen Lousberg 2 күн мурун
You remind me uncle roger
Goosfraba 2 күн мурун
the doo just pulled karate kids best solo
Leo H
Leo H 3 күн мурун
Its...the doo....funny i first heard of him playing video game with soup, griz,mcnasty and the boys
Виктор Плюснин
Виктор Плюснин 3 күн мурун
Герман, ты балабол неимоверный, аж бесишь ппц
Sebastiaan Rijkens
Sebastiaan Rijkens 4 күн мурун
The doo meant butcher as in saying this solo
Joanne Booket
Joanne Booket 4 күн мурун
He played what is the exact original recording you have all been fooled
fortheloveofcake93 5 күн мурун
@3:14 Herman gives his reaction and the Dooo say's "Thank you" on his stream in perfect time.
skkyfire 6 күн мурун
listen TinaS DragonForce
Best friends and games
Best friends and games 6 күн мурун
jo the doo is epic
Mason 7 күн мурун
Herman Li’s right, I wish I had any guitar even a hello kitty guitar, just an opportunity to play a guitar in general would be good enough for me.
A5p3r07h 7 күн мурун
He wasnt funny.
Zack Tomczak
Zack Tomczak 8 күн мурун
Not gonna lie..wasn't expecting a British accent..🤨
Nitesh Gautam
Nitesh Gautam 10 күн мурун
don't u get tina s cover reaction request herman??
PrincessWWS 10 күн мурун
"It's the best virg*n I've seen played live"-Herman Li
DJQuan718 10 күн мурун
"When I was young playing stuff like that it didn't work for me at all. No girls cared about it. No girls cared about me playing solos" 😂😂😂
Legendsmith 11 күн мурун
Bring The Dooo along on your next tour, because I want to hear that entire song played with him.
Bruno Ragazinski
Bruno Ragazinski 11 күн мурун
The first girl is so wholesome.
Jose Marie Balani
Jose Marie Balani 11 күн мурун
I love you sirrrr herrrrmaaannnn
Crack Diesel
Crack Diesel 13 күн мурун
have you heard cole rolland play through the fire and the flames?
Beepis 13 күн мурун
You are beautiful
Habib OUAGHRAM 13 күн мурун
When he said " that the best version played live ", the doo : Thank you so much ! , and when he say i need lesson from the doo, the doo: i can yes ! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
7.4_27 Muhammad Haris Ghaffari
7.4_27 Muhammad Haris Ghaffari 14 күн мурун
Who's Here One Of AC/DC Fans?
Dingen 14 күн мурун
play some kmac solo
That One Guy
That One Guy 14 күн мурун
"He needs KMAC solos" bruuuuuuuhhhh let's go!
Mega Yavi
Mega Yavi 15 күн мурун
This dude is one of the best guitarist in the World yet he wants to learn from thedoo. That's something
James Gerardi
James Gerardi 15 күн мурун
beautiful prs.
Tour Dead
Tour Dead 15 күн мурун
Big respect for Herman Li
Jeremy Purdon
Jeremy Purdon 16 күн мурун
"best version ive seen played live" *is the guy who plays it live*
Jack Keedal
Jack Keedal 16 күн мурун
Herman look like a proud father when the doo played dragonforce solo.
John Blacksmith
John Blacksmith 17 күн мурун
@2:18 yes Herman. I love u bro
Frankie K
Frankie K 17 күн мурун
What a short memory you have. You [apparently not you Herman] gave a shoutout on Twitter from the Dragonforce acct loving Tina S’s [Setkic] version of TTFAF in 2015. This is years before the Dooo, and she was much younger than the Dooo. Still is. He’s five years older. And not as good as a young French girl. I love the Dooo, but hey, he’s not better than a girl. Lol. He only learned the first 20 seconds of Moonlight Sonata because she learned ALL 5:45 seconds of the third movement. Takes about 3 months for guitarists of that measure. I guarantee he only learned that little bit because of her.
Max Firby
Max Firby 18 күн мурун
21 pilots
Michael Haburay
Michael Haburay 18 күн мурун
1:36 that's because you didn't have a hello-kitty guitar
Albert Wilmer Huarcaya Quispe
Albert Wilmer Huarcaya Quispe 18 күн мурун
Doo era asiático ahora todo tiene sentido . Ese poder solo lo tiene los asiáticos sin ofender.
JRME 18 күн мурун
you sounds like UNKEL ROJAAA . oh my rays!
mgall384 19 күн мурун
YEah there's nothing creepy at all about this grown man trying to impress 15 year old girls on youtube
Valentin Midon
Valentin Midon 20 күн мурун
It's like being said you're damn strong by Dwayne Johnson himself
Aa Gg
Aa Gg 20 күн мурун
You are reading, that i'm watching, someone who's watching someone, who's watching someone, who plays guitar
Hamid Hamet
Hamid Hamet 20 күн мурун
Please cek .. Ayu Gusfan 11 years old from Indonesia n girl playing speed guitar cover Dragon force
Ah P
Ah P 20 күн мурун
There are two kinds of people. "That Hello Kitty guitar is not the move." "Bro, that Hello Kitty guitar is freakin' sweet!"
jrbaconcheez 21 күн мурун
Herman is a gift to this earth and we don't deserve him
Rolando Anderson
Rolando Anderson 21 күн мурун
"Who knows The Dooo? Who is this guy? We can't see his face" Herman Li is such a newbie... Everyone knows that The Dooo doesn't have a face
Lars Eirik Fodnes
Lars Eirik Fodnes 21 күн мурун
To every single one who ridiculed the Hello Kitty- guitar: Herman Li likes it, which makes your argument invalid.
Matheus Coelho
Matheus Coelho 21 күн мурун
I liked the guitar
Hey You !
Hey You ! 21 күн мурун
Noone: TheDooo: scream like your parents were murdered in front of you 😂😂
Bill Tolliver
Bill Tolliver 21 күн мурун
That people, is the noise i hear when I get too high huffin fuckin Glade... NOISE!!!
A dank meme In disguise
A dank meme In disguise 22 күн мурун
I love that dragon force is making content lol wtf is 2020
On All Sides
On All Sides 22 күн мурун
Come drop us a like it’s just a click away. Scrolling new friend. Hey 👋
Willy Tju
Willy Tju 22 күн мурун
"4:27" I don't need anymore my work thanks to *pyptolmon. xyz* I can finally enjoy life thanks අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක
Master Zela
Master Zela 23 күн мурун
philip rea
philip rea 24 күн мурун
hahahaha herman you needed youtube when you were younger (or wait omeagle whatever)
Jonathan Simpson
Jonathan Simpson 24 күн мурун
I got a "guitar guitar" ad at the end of this video and I don't even play a guitar, let alone any form of instrument 🙄
itchykami 24 күн мурун
I hope Twitch reinstated you
MIDEL MI DELFIN 24 күн мурун
the best crossover
Aldrin Banagan
Aldrin Banagan 25 күн мурун
Pause the video while you're talking
Craig Gonsalves
Craig Gonsalves 25 күн мурун
Bruh so annoying when Herman is talking while the best part is going on😑
Probobly-On Toilet
Probobly-On Toilet 26 күн мурун
This is the day Herman almost lost his shit. Also........ I`m taking a shit.
Will Florence
Will Florence 26 күн мурун
Tina S is better
o0_JustDusty_0o 27 күн мурун
You look like a one piece side character
Cathal Roe
Cathal Roe 28 күн мурун
The doo can die happy and a virgin .
Dom Lmn
Dom Lmn 28 күн мурун
Herman was like shut up, hes playing my song!
HB initials
HB initials 28 күн мурун
Herman - is this trolling?? Is this internet trolling? Also Herman - *this does put a smile on my face*
Atom Carlyn
Atom Carlyn 29 күн мурун
Look at his fingers start moving when he enjoys something. Musicians can’t ever turn it off, that’s what makes them legends.
Lester Beatingo
Lester Beatingo 29 күн мурун
Can we know what is your Reaction to Cole Ralland's TTFAF
Bird 29 күн мурун
waht guitar is herman li holding
이준성 29 күн мурун
순간 브베인줄 알았네 ㅅㅂ
RyanCJ Ай мурун
When Herman fucking Li says you did it the best he’s seen... u achieved a level of god that a lot can’t achieve
Lord Drast
Lord Drast Ай мурун
play some kmac solos
John Tsoukas
John Tsoukas Ай мурун
Have you heard Tina.S playing your solo from Through fire and flames?You will not believe what you are in for!!!Trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gearpro81 Ай мурун
Dude!!! Thedooo is amazing.
Alex Iachimciuc
Alex Iachimciuc Ай мурун
What the hell is this word 'troling' that i find from time to time on YT?
ksav_cam Ай мурун
People say lead guitars are ignorant but the metal and rock community has surprised me in how much humility lead guitarist have.
mkfremkgl mfekwgnkr
mkfremkgl mfekwgnkr Ай мурун
you and the doo are the 2 greatest guitarists ever made, if you duet with him then gravity itself will collapse
Kai Nohara
Kai Nohara Ай мурун
Look at herman li watching his own video
Nipponstalgia Ай мурун
Its like Madara declaring Guy the strongest
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato 7 күн мурун
Best comparison I've seen in this entire comment section
vanessa alina
vanessa alina 7 күн мурун
so acurate comparation
Ryan Resendez
Ryan Resendez Ай мурун
Nobody cares about me playing guitar, I'd rather hear nirvana
2:18 i instantly saw kmacc
Steven Amos
Steven Amos Ай мурун
The doooo can shred best part is he only listens to the the song to learn it. He will play what ever you ask him to
Carlo Aaron
Carlo Aaron Ай мурун
So through the fire and flames is just a child's play for dooo?
Kish_ American Dream Tattoo
Kish_ American Dream Tattoo Ай мурун
gotcha homes you welcome
Davy D
Davy D Ай мурун
I think the doo is buckethead with a voice of a kid
Charlie Ashby
Charlie Ashby Ай мурун
Imagine growing up listening to DragonForce and then Herman Li says you played the best covered version of his solo Fuck yeah
C 17
C 17 Ай мурун
Neurotoxxin Ай мурун
i like how hermann is in shock when he started shredding it XD
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Ай мурун
can you make reaction for luca stricagnoli????
FadeSkywards Ай мурун
That divine feeling when the lead guitarist of Dragonforce praises your soloing skills.
Ferdyan Weh
Ferdyan Weh Ай мурун
Ricardo Ramos
Ricardo Ramos Ай мурун
Holy hell the doop is awesome as hell, his guitar playing is lit on fire and it's epic I literally was hyped with absolute joy
Fire Beard
Fire Beard Ай мурун
How to troll girls in the Best way possible
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