DragonForce Reacts to Fans Cover: Write a Nightwish Song in 10mins - Dragonwish Plastic Tree

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DragonForce reaction to fan cover of their Write a Nightwish song in 10 minutes, with guitarists @Herman Li & Sam Totman live on Twitch. What do you think of this Dragonwish - Plastic Tree cover? Do you want to see more covers! What other cover should DragonForce react to?
Ignite AMR Cover Version ► kgpost.info/will/video/rI_OuHirtYKggdU
Our original livestream Version ► kgpost.info/will/video/u2vdtaSLuKCVf6s
Watch the full livestream VOD of 'Write a Nightwish Song in 10mins' and more on Twitch!
Part 1 bit.ly/2R1CVhm | Part 2 bit.ly/35h50cH
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Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer 22 саат мурун
Ahhh not bad but it NEEDED more synth strings, lots of layers, for a truer Nightwish feel !!!
WTF IsGoingOnHere
WTF IsGoingOnHere 8 күн мурун
She threw a little Brittney Hayes in there at the end. Nice touch. 🤘🏻 This made my day. 😂
zeak skingley
zeak skingley Ай мурун
We need covers of all the rest of the songs they did on stream xD
Jón Þormar
Jón Þormar Ай мурун
I'd LOVE to see Nightwish sing this for Sam!
No Thanks
No Thanks Ай мурун
Emppu doesn't noodle. great song though.
Metalvision Song Contest
Metalvision Song Contest Ай мурун
Needs more Uilleann Pipes! 😁
MoFBox Ай мурун
I knew it was good but hearing it as it was intended makes me realise it's even better than I imagined.
G man
G man Ай мурун
The cover was really good... except for the solo the original was better...
Philipp Brogli
Philipp Brogli Ай мурун
Sams male voice was better than this version. But the rest is great.
AudaciousAce Ай мурун
You know you made a good cover when you give the writer of the original (and main writer of dragonforce) goosebumps!
alxcat10100 Ай мурун
This is actually much better than Crewish.
Jenex Official
Jenex Official Ай мурун
Collab.... 😂
Felix T.
Felix T. Ай мурун
Pls do Amaranthe!
DrewskiTheLegend Ай мурун
I wanna see them do a gloryhammer song. It would get ridiculous
Robert Frey
Robert Frey Ай мурун
I think Sam was actually a touch bitter that they made his joke so good haha
Scott Nemeth
Scott Nemeth Ай мурун
Dammit Mr. Hermin Li, I intended to be productive today and I just ended up glued to your youtube channel.
Dandy Erlangga
Dandy Erlangga Ай мурун
please react aquiles priester he cover through the fire and flames drum cover
Chimonakimi Ай мурун
I have to admit, Sam's vocals for the male parts were better, he has a half hungover half drunk vibe that matches the song better. Still fantastic tho
DemonOfMordor Ай мурун
yes! dragonwish! I can't stop both laughing and listening to this :D please make it a bonus song on your next album, can you imagine Marc singing it? holy shit! :D
Vandrefalk Ай мурун
Floor/Nightwish! Please cover this with the guys haha!
JayTor2112 Ай мурун
The only thing I would do to improve the song, is go into double-kick on the last chorus when it goes up a key. Pure Nightwish.
M Doucet
M Doucet Ай мурун
its actually way better then the new metals today just saying
Than The Drummer
Than The Drummer Ай мурун
3:28 LMAO best mement of the video. Sam attempts to sing the high note, fucks up and he's like "did anyone see that?"
Gary Generous
Gary Generous Ай мурун
Holy carp that was awesome!
Nverdis Ай мурун
I’m actually pretty interested to see Tuomas’ take on this. He takes himself really seriously and I can imagine himself blushing at this
rendy soenaryo
rendy soenaryo Ай мурун
Agwi Sanjaya
Agwi Sanjaya Ай мурун
Than The Drummer
Than The Drummer Ай мурун
He already reacted to him
Droid User
Droid User Ай мурун
Judas FN Priest this was fun as hell!
Henry Chinchilla Molina
Henry Chinchilla Molina Ай мурун
Super cool!
Scott Davey
Scott Davey Ай мурун
Bloody hell Dragonforce, I can't get your damn song out of my head. It has been playing all day LOL 🤘🤘
Raymond Wolfe
Raymond Wolfe Ай мурун
I've even had DREAMS featuring it since I heard it. It really is catchy.
yan dhuan yustanova
yan dhuan yustanova Ай мурун
Make a live studio session dude 😂
Rafael Mota
Rafael Mota Ай мурун
power metal version? by Dragonforce ? huummm....
an afaillabel
an afaillabel Ай мурун
Firman Al Hakeem - Swords of Caliph
matofako1 Ай мурун
Ralf Meyer
Ralf Meyer Ай мурун
A song for Floor and Marko 🤗
Petar Stoiljkovic
Petar Stoiljkovic Ай мурун
This entire video series is the funniest thing on the internet, fuck playing in a band, just do this full time
JF HARD Ай мурун
I wish i could afford to buy a guitar to learn to play metal and rock it..
Henry Tran
Henry Tran Ай мурун
Tim Henson - G.O.A.T!!!
Rahaf alajmi
Rahaf alajmi Ай мурун
bts dance practice
Baby Kay
Baby Kay Ай мурун
Next Video: React (Female Gutarist) Dragon Force - Through the Fire and Flames - Tina S Cover
Oscar Corzo
Oscar Corzo Ай мурун
Next, write a djent song in 10 minutes 😂😂
kansallinen Ай мурун
Terve from finland 🇫🇮🤘🤘
Marcin Jarzabek
Marcin Jarzabek Ай мурун
The intro was inspired from She is my sin.
tomás g
tomás g Ай мурун
Those songs sound amazinng
WarlandWriter Ай мурун
I was actually surprised that the cover is not that much better, it's just touched up a bit and it sounds more like nightwish mostly because of the female singer. I think you did an amazing job already sam and you're right to compliment yourself on it
Richard Draws Stuff
Richard Draws Stuff Ай мурун
Great cover.
Darkn Ай мурун
More songwriting! best videos on this channel
Jaahunghaam Ай мурун
Sam's like a proud Daddy 😂
edthejester Ай мурун
Let me just day this about you two. Beavis and Butthead. And I mean that in the most positive way haha :p
Joshua Stewart
Joshua Stewart Ай мурун
tj hunt
M4RC05V1N1C1U5 Ай мурун
You know what? We "demand" Nightwish to cover this!!! LOLLLLLL!!!!
frim juna
frim juna Ай мурун
New song plz. Its fun watching you and sam making the song.
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz Ай мурун
next dragon force record must have the joke songs you guys did on stream.
#anyingnimous Ай мурун
React : Kristina Schiano - Beethoven Moonlight Sonata
Matt Miley
Matt Miley Ай мурун
Omg!! It was rather keen I think!
Stronzo 69
Stronzo 69 Ай мурун
It's an EPIC *checkmate* to see a Davie504 video at the end screen recommended videos 3:36
Hendrik Lippka
Hendrik Lippka Ай мурун
Next: Fleshgod Apocalypse in 10 minutes.
batatac4 Mil
batatac4 Mil Ай мурун
They'll need bach to write the harpsichord part that fasf
Kodoq Besar
Kodoq Besar Ай мурун
*Bombastic Orchestra, Check!* *Cookie Monster, Check!* *Female Opera Vocals, Check!* *D R U M S, C H E C K!*
Cypher Brittainne
Cypher Brittainne Ай мурун
This is low-key very good not gonna lie. Who's with me? The melody is catchy asf.
CoffeineNightOwl Ай мурун
sam, you realise, that you have composed a masterpiece in 10 minutes.
Ehrmann Gregsson
Ehrmann Gregsson Ай мурун
Sounds really good actually. But they should've kept the original male part. Somehow Sam's voice sounds a little bit like Marco's.
Eddie Hesselman
Eddie Hesselman Ай мурун
Nice done, fun, but there can only be one Nightwish. Kind regards from the Netherlands
ADDHOC Ай мурун
Poor Nightwish is even covered by their own crew: Crewish is now higher in the Finnish charts than the original.
Frankamaria Ай мурун
Parsadaan Official
Parsadaan Official Ай мурун
Wow....Good steep😁😁😁
Petri Hartikainen
Petri Hartikainen Ай мурун
Some fun aspects but I dont got Nightwish feel in it. But what to expect a song made 10 mins. This shows that no need to take life too seriously.
I-V-l Ай мурун
It sounds like 90s nightwish. The really old stuff.
Miguel Lopes
Miguel Lopes Ай мурун
When is nightwish covering this??
chocourrier Ай мурун
Imagine Tarja singing this!
Vox Draconia
Vox Draconia Ай мурун
Imagine Annett!!
Oo. :ll: Pee.
Oo. :ll: Pee. Ай мурун
@LEKAlla well, there are not too many of them, and that one is in Finnish after all, so most people don't have a clue what's it about. But I remembered that immediately I sent my message. I guess there are few, but not like nowadays.
LEKAlla Ай мурун
@Oo. :ll: Pee. Tuomas always did. Song like Lappi for example.
Oo. :ll: Pee.
Oo. :ll: Pee. Ай мурун
They didn't make songs about nature in Tarja's era thou.
GhostWinterz Ай мурун
Sam: “If we had a female singer” Marc: “Hold my beer”
danny chartrand
danny chartrand Ай мурун
Really nice!!!
Chris Hampton
Chris Hampton Ай мурун
Hi dudes! These guys are from the UK and are great friends of mine. The female vocalist is Charlotte Jones of the band Winter's Edge Keep rocking hard! Chris H
Ignite AMR
Ignite AMR 11 күн мурун
makita Ай мурун
This is damn awesome. When the chorus kicked in I was sold. This lets the brilliance of Sam's songwriting shine through. The male voice should have been rougher, like Sam remarked.
Flynn Sky
Flynn Sky Ай мурун
They're Awesomely amazing I mean Not dragon force But them 😜❤️😜
Tengsuang Faith A. Momin
Tengsuang Faith A. Momin Ай мурун
That song was so stupid and hilarious, i actually liked it 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣
tootsie 99
tootsie 99 Ай мурун
absolutely not the quality of nightwish, but nice try!
Jesse F.
Jesse F. Ай мурун
That was fucking awesome. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Tara Boyle
Tara Boyle Ай мурун
With Sam's writing talent and their beautiful singing, the whole thing was quite magical wasn't it 🤘🏼🎶🥇
Guitar noodle
Guitar noodle Ай мурун
It’d be so funny if Nightwish covered plastic tree.
West Scottish Warrior
West Scottish Warrior Ай мурун
petition for alestorm to cover sams alestorm song
Roverson Melo
Roverson Melo Ай мурун
If Floor ever sings this, I'm pretty sure it will break the internet.
Ralf Meyer
Ralf Meyer Ай мурун
Yep 👍
happi naga
happi naga Ай мурун
Imagine Alissa White-Gluz singing the male vocal 🔥🔥🔥
Freakierhawk Ай мурун
Or both parts even, her clean vocals are just as good, if not better!
Severus4Life Ай мурун
Absolutely amazing. Sam made an awesome job in writing this. And it somehow keeps stuckin in my head.
Bill Attercliffe
Bill Attercliffe Ай мурун
These guys did a great job with their cover. Next step - get Floor and Marko to cover it and watch these dudes fall off their chairs.
Dr. Phillager
Dr. Phillager Ай мурун
the vocals could definitely be better but damn that was good
Isaiah Britt
Isaiah Britt Ай мурун
When will you give a shout out to Mike Jaret from RWS?
Beast Neighbour 667
Beast Neighbour 667 Ай мурун
Now i would like to see a reaction from Dragonforce on fan made cover of Dragonforce 10 min Sabaton song.
Jasper Vermeer
Jasper Vermeer Ай мурун
Now it might actually be a challenge for Floor
Jaye Jaye
Jaye Jaye Ай мурун
Most Excellent!!!🎸🤘🎸🤘
hanstinger Ай мурун
So good, you guys should put more efforts from now on since people starts to cover it hahaha
hunter affleck
hunter affleck Ай мурун
This is awesome . Can't wait for the reaction of the reaction to the reaction to happen lol
Charlotte Jones
Charlotte Jones Ай мурун
Watch this space...
Andy Inc
Andy Inc Ай мурун
No dislike so far
J M Ай мурун
I'd be interested to see you try your hand at a Blind Guardian song. All you have to do is make nebulous references to Tolkien and D&D. Boom, profit.
J M Ай мурун
@DragonForce My bad, I am a clown.
DragonForce Ай мурун
Fans decide on Twitch chat what we attempt. It's not up to us!
Just Had A Floorgasm
Just Had A Floorgasm Ай мурун
DragonForce should open a show for Nightwish and sing this 😂
Madra 3 күн мурун
They are honestly pretty equally famous, silly discussion.
Alan Frost
Alan Frost 28 күн мурун
@G man They're not... but Nightwish is the bigger band.
G man
G man Ай мурун
@zerro they're not little...
zerro Ай мурун
@Will Smyser Are u serious, NW to open for this little band...hahaha good joke.
nico d
nico d Ай мурун
sure and get booed off stage
jonn Ай мурун
sounds like the girl from ancient bards
TacoSnoz Ай мурун
Everett Ай мурун
Get Floor to sing this song on Herman's birthday.
Everett Ай мурун
@Josiah W no need to entertain those who don't understand others' sense of humour.
Juliette McGee
Juliette McGee Ай мурун
Haha I'd love to see this 😆
nico d
nico d Ай мурун
@Josiah W when ?
Josiah W
Josiah W Ай мурун
@nico d why not? Floor liked it
Dhax Gaming
Dhax Gaming Ай мурун
heh why stop at floor, get marko as well ;)
Xofwut Vaatic
Xofwut Vaatic Ай мурун
4:26 poor Sam got ignored lmao
Aswad Hasan Sinan
Aswad Hasan Sinan Ай мурун
Brad Wall
Brad Wall Ай мурун
Herman, seriously you have become my favorite KGpostr. Your videos are absolutely the best thing ever. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent bro.
Sneezy Wheezy
Sneezy Wheezy Күн мурун
@Chernobyl Liquidator can't wait for their next UK tour.
Chernobyl Liquidator
Chernobyl Liquidator Ай мурун
@DragonForce Wow he replied, can’t wait to see the next show
DragonForce Ай мурун
Thank you for the support! I really appreciate it 🙏😊
Ernest ERZ
Ernest ERZ Ай мурун
Radley Chin
Radley Chin Ай мурун
“If we had a female singer” they’ve got a bassist who is the lead singer of another band
makita Ай мурун
They should try letting her sing!
Lauren Tallamy
Lauren Tallamy Ай мурун
@ObviouslyKieran I guess but it would make the band less enjoyable
ObviouslyKieran Ай мурун
@Lauren Tallamy You never know, Alicia could become a part-time co-singer.
Lauren Tallamy
Lauren Tallamy Ай мурун
I think this indicates that she isn't permanent
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