DragonForce Tries to Write a Nightwish Song in 10mins - Not Just a Nightwish Reaction

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DragonForce live attempt to write a @Nightwish song in 10 minutes, with guitarists @Herman Li & Sam Totman on Twitch. Is this a livestream fail? Which era of Nightwish is this song? Tarja Turunen, Anette Olzon or Floor Jansen? How will Nightwish rate this song if they hear it? Will they find it funny or hate it? Hit LIKE, TAG & SHARE to Nightwish to let them know so we can find out! What bands should we do next? We already made songs for Sabaton and Alestorm.
Watch the full livestream and more on Twitch, Part 1 bit.ly/2R1CVhm /
Part 2 bit.ly/35h50cH
#dragonforce #nightwish #hermanli #samtotman
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Floor Jansen
Floor Jansen 2 ай мурун
NOoo 😂🥴 sorry about that 😂 Nice try Sam 🤣
mea 2 күн мурун
@Irfan Gumelar yes please @floor 😂🤘
Donald Campbell
Donald Campbell 24 күн мурун
Floor you are an amazing singer and we all love you
Chris Roubis
Chris Roubis Ай мурун
Jhadson Passos
Jhadson Passos 2 ай мурун
DC4 2 ай мурун
What did Hannes think?
christine13black Күн мурун
i'm crying
Godinator687 Күн мурун
Luca Turilli please :v
Lundqvist Күн мурун
Omg lmao, I just peed my pants :)
Aquilla Whingate
Aquilla Whingate 2 күн мурун
Which era of Nightwish is this song? Clearly it is Tarja Turunen "In celestial mermaid dreams" is clearly a parody riff off the Oceanborn album though the overall concept is like straight from the Human Nature album, and i love it.
Daniel Coppi Rauh
Daniel Coppi Rauh 3 күн мурун
It's look like more a "DragonForce Tries to Write a ALESTORM Song in 10mins"... lol
Wampa842 Күн мурун
Now I suddenly C R A V E that Nightwish cover Shit Boat.
Yahya Ruliansyah
Yahya Ruliansyah 4 күн мурун
Peter Faxas
Peter Faxas 5 күн мурун
Ahahahahahahhahahaha very very funny
Martin Schuster
Martin Schuster 5 күн мурун
Sounds like a punk song 😋😂
mgn 5 күн мурун
I want DragonFloor
mgn 5 күн мурун
placas tectónicas jajaja
Abu Darian Alfatih
Abu Darian Alfatih 6 күн мурун
Hahahaha Through the Floor and Flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😁
BukketKid 8 күн мурун
🤣🤣🤣 I love it
Andrew Pappas
Andrew Pappas 10 күн мурун
Sam: “Why did we write a song about a plastic tree?” Me: Because you wanted to be like Radiohead?
JackyDOS 12 күн мурун
Alisson Monteiro
Alisson Monteiro 14 күн мурун
“Fuck knows what I’m on about? But I’ll go up a key!!” Hahahahah yeah! That IS Nightwish allright.
Nemesis 15 күн мурун
Which era of Nightwish is this song? well, probably close to the first records. But in general, nope. It's not even close, just sounds like any other random fantasy metal around there.
Ardyn 16 күн мурун
6:26 If Davie504 would hear that....
Eric S.
Eric S. 18 күн мурун
So accurate lol
Hexmantis 18 күн мурун
Celestial mermaid dreams is the most nightwish thing ive heard 😂
Serious Poo
Serious Poo 18 күн мурун
Best. Video. Ever.
WTF IsGoingOnHere
WTF IsGoingOnHere 18 күн мурун
I’m dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂
904 Pinball Zine
904 Pinball Zine 19 күн мурун
Nice Pinball Collection!
Adam Mitchell
Adam Mitchell 20 күн мурун
Definite Oceanborn/Wishmaster feel here.
Lars Frisk
Lars Frisk 21 күн мурун
Me: Can we have Nightwish? Mom: No, we have Nightwish at home. Nightwish at home:
Sylwia 22 күн мурун
I haven't laughed so much in days, thanks 🤣. And the weird thing is that with Floor's amazing vocals, it could be a proper song 😂
Adam Friml
Adam Friml 23 күн мурун
Wtf?😂😂😂😂 Good job Dragonforce. Its Very funny.👍😂👏
Katie Grape
Katie Grape 24 күн мурун
This is fantastic. Spot on. I feel like I can hear some hints of Jethro Tull's Hunting Girl in here.
Alejandro Bossan
Alejandro Bossan 24 күн мурун
This is more like a Alestorm song...
kaungset 26 күн мурун
Herman had to slow it down to copy Emppu.
Rick Ungureanu
Rick Ungureanu 26 күн мурун
Hey did you ever do one of these things for a band that’s actually better than you dudes are technically?
Greg Hitchcock
Greg Hitchcock 29 күн мурун
I KNEW I'd heard that keyboard sample somewhere else and it had been driving me crazy that I couldn't think of it. It's the exact same one used in Nanowar Of Steel's Valahallelujah
juggernaught79 29 күн мурун
He sounds like Mrs. Piggy lol
. Wookey
. Wookey 29 күн мурун
You are very silly boys. And actually that song is pretty good.
Sanna Holst
Sanna Holst Ай мурун
Masterpiece indeed! Wonderfull that u made it clear for me about that trick with up-key things that nightwish uses. Noticed it before and yeah it's a... Great job in the song! Keep smokin weed and some speed ;)! Peace
Gaboxx Comics Game
Gaboxx Comics Game Ай мурун
Sound like a south park song lol xd
Pedro Almeida
Pedro Almeida Ай мурун
Masterpiece! :D
Marc Boivin
Marc Boivin Ай мурун
To be fair, Nightwhish wrote 4 albums about loving Tarja... then nature and galaxy and stuff
Hexmantis Ай мурун
11:40 restart button
Hexmantis Ай мурун
this is actually fucking catchy xD
Hexmantis Ай мурун
Saulo Magalhães
Saulo Magalhães Ай мурун
I love Nightwish by I just HATE their fandom. They use to take the band more seriously than the band themselves do . I got banning-warned from their group because I shared that video...
polyeder2000 Ай мурун
In ten minutes, two drunken dudes can create a song that is better than anything in the Top 100. Well done!
Boris Ай мурун
Yeah, and I actually liked NW before they went full hippie.
Robert Garnica
Robert Garnica Ай мурун
the best nightwish era was tarja's era, sorry, but she was another whole thing, i love floor too, anette who? kidding kidding i love them all
anu606 Ай мурун
I hope Nightwish will make a cover of "Tree"
Jonas Nilsson
Jonas Nilsson Ай мурун
Holy shit how god damn awesome this is! 👌😁 You are the best band ever. Simple clever. Pot on
Painless Tragedy
Painless Tragedy Ай мурун
Skarn73 Ай мурун
Two more challenges: try to write a Savatage song from the '90es in 10 minutes; try to write a Rush song in 10 minutes. :)
Jackson Moore
Jackson Moore Ай мурун
You guys should try to make a Dream theater song in ten minutes.
hewp0996 Ай мурун
They’ll need at least 10 years
Joe Azbill
Joe Azbill Ай мурун
So during a performance this would be perfect RIGHT before the intermission at the middle of the concert!! Have the lead singer sing it with him doing the backup!!! I'd pay to just see you perform that song!!!
Sander Muller
Sander Muller Ай мурун
As a huge Nightwish fan, this is hilarious as fuck xD
minh nguyen
minh nguyen Ай мурун
there is a mermaid, certainly a Nightwish song!
Metal Nightwitch
Metal Nightwitch Ай мурун
laughing my ass off!
phychmasher Ай мурун
Paul Campbell
Paul Campbell Ай мурун
Looking forward to the real Nightwish song about plate tectonics and celestial mermaid dreams
Piaxer Of Chaos
Piaxer Of Chaos Ай мурун
That was best cover so far. :D
Moa Hellberg
Moa Hellberg Ай мурун
Hahaha, this is everything! Love it! Unleash the Archers needs a song written in 10 min too and Brittany will for sure react to it, the whole band hopefully. 🤣
Pisang Berbiji
Pisang Berbiji Ай мурун
"im gonna make a song about a tree"
thegurem Ай мурун
This is so fucking stupid And I love it
FMFInnovations Ай мурун
Pretty bad :)
This is fucking hilarious
Rokeras Ай мурун
Next thing you know, Dragonforce's new album is all the 10 minute songs but with the respective bands vocalists. Make it happen please!
Tom Brooks
Tom Brooks Ай мурун
Sam's impression of Floor sounds more like Mrs Piggy from the Muppets. You're welcome.
Abhishek Tirkey
Abhishek Tirkey Ай мурун
Where are the uilliean pipes? 😝
Abhishek Tirkey
Abhishek Tirkey Ай мурун
I think Dragon-Floor would be an epic collab. 😁
Estelon Agarwaen
Estelon Agarwaen Ай мурун
Get marc and gee on stream and write a dragonforce song in 10 minutes
Majestic Social Dynamics.
Majestic Social Dynamics. Ай мурун
REALLY master peace... haha
irbricksceo Ай мурун
wtf it kinda slaps actually
marnyank Ай мурун
if you press the left arrow key on your computer and look at Sam, he's doing something weird xD
Travis LowRider
Travis LowRider Ай мурун
this is hilarious lol.
Tony me
Tony me Ай мурун
Sounds like Alestorm
MattyBeeProductions Ай мурун
Broccoli, Helsinki, LSD, Veggie Tales.
Lil Turkey Samich
Lil Turkey Samich Ай мурун
sam sounds like king diamond if he forgot how to sing
Ege Karpuzoglu
Ege Karpuzoglu Ай мурун
Jake Obscene
Jake Obscene Ай мурун
Dragonforce writes a Behemoth song in 10 minutes??
michael mancour
michael mancour Ай мурун
Needs more BASS
MX5 Ай мурун
As a Finn i like this
Jahn Kaplank
Jahn Kaplank Ай мурун
6:26 tell that to davie504 lol
Infinite Rage Music
Infinite Rage Music Ай мурун
lol ...
MeChian khru
MeChian khru Ай мурун
As if their auto tuned songs are all perfect.
Markus Bertilsson
Markus Bertilsson Ай мурун
New wave of british punk/metall 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jenex Official
Jenex Official Ай мурун
Music:Legend Lyrics : Ultra Legend Voice : God tier
Peter Paul Chato
Peter Paul Chato Ай мурун
Here is what is really funny. I had never heard of Nightwish. This crazy thing pops up on my feed. I laugh. I go see what this Nightwish thing is all about and now I'm a huge fan of Nightwish. Nightwish owe you a great debt of gratitude.
Jon Hans
Jon Hans Ай мурун
Hahaha had the same effect on me as well
micoromico Ай мурун
that is awesome!
water666 Ай мурун
anyone else double take at Alf Stuart rofl
Dar Paz
Dar Paz Ай мурун
That's my most favorite Nightwish song!
Wiliam Carvalho
Wiliam Carvalho Ай мурун
At the end of the day they just wrote a dragonforce song.
Cool username
Cool username Ай мурун
Now write a metallica song where the lyrics are all YEAHs
urbanspy2008 Ай мурун
It actually sounds pretty spot on, better than the last nightwish singles in recent years lol
Jeffrey Viper
Jeffrey Viper Ай мурун
Amaranthe, Bye Bye Beautiful is Anette Olzon era. But uh, no. It doesn't sound like Nightwish. It's not horrible. Just not Nightwish, lol. Keeping rocking!
Jeffrey Viper
Jeffrey Viper Ай мурун
Actually the Marco impression was amazing, lmao
greencase Ай мурун
9:52 some douche actually commented two turds make a pile of shit?
Blue Room Slots
Blue Room Slots Ай мурун
Feeling influenced, Go to grab my guitar... I don't have a guitar.
Paret Hardrock
Paret Hardrock Ай мурун
How about Meshuggah ?
YomaBlood Ай мурун
Dude, you should try to get Floor to sing this song and get it recorded, hahahahahahahahhahahah
syriëll Ай мурун
Really vibin' it
ThatSteelHorn Ай мурун
4:06 You can tell he's thinking like Dragonforce 'cuz he totally just said "Still holding on..."
Dragon 211
Dragon 211 Ай мурун
this made my day you guys are hilarious , wana join my new band? It's called Nightforce.
ChadwicKed Ай мурун
DRAGONFORCE writes a BABYMETAL song in 5 minutes. GO!
Chip Moody
Chip Moody Ай мурун
This will be a featured soundcheck song for upcoming NW gigs - zero doubt...
Billi Hockey
Billi Hockey Ай мурун
This is friggin awesome and hilarious
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