Herman Li Reaction to What if Bruce Dickinson sang for DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames

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DragonForce reaction to fans video! Guitarist @Herman Li reacts to 'What if Bruce Dickinson sang for DRAGONFORCE - Through The Fire and Flames feat. Aquiles Priester' by Raphael Mendes, live on Twitch.tv/HermanLi !!! Irons up in the comments if you are an Iron Maiden fan like us.
Let us know what you think of this cover and what else should DragonForce react to!
DragonForce Reacting to @Raphael Mendes kgpost.info/will/video/j6al1Gil252no5Y
#dragonforce #hermanli #ironmaiden
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Luis Villarreal
Luis Villarreal 2 саат мурун
If I hadn't seen this video and only heard the song, I would have thought it was Bruce Dickinson as a special guest singer. Raphael's got some pipes foh sho.
Adam Goepfert
Adam Goepfert 2 саат мурун
Herman's face when the transition comes at 4:18 ish ! Hope everyone's getting through the lockdown well around the world.
André de Sena Augusto
André de Sena Augusto 4 саат мурун
Sometimes, when Herman moves his mouth, I almost can hear him saying "shitty wok" like the chinese restaurant owner from South Park.
JediNxf7 4 саат мурун
that vibrato is incredibly Bruce
Charles DiCristofano
Charles DiCristofano 8 саат мурун
Bruce vocals are a Trillion time’s better.
Jaime Santos
Jaime Santos 8 саат мурун
É do Brasil. 🇧🇷👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🤟🏽😎
MajesticDemonLord 8 саат мурун
It's Brazillian Bruce again
Viking Metal
Viking Metal 9 саат мурун
Brasil é foda 🇧🇷🤘🤘🤘
Elione Batista da Silva Silva
Elione Batista da Silva Silva 9 саат мурун
Muito loko
Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett 14 саат мурун
original is better
Xavier Lee
Xavier Lee 15 саат мурун
Aquiles is from another planet or dimension. Amazing musician.
baianoise 15 саат мурун
The timbre of his voice is really close to the one of a young Bruce Dickinson.
Beeda2004 16 саат мурун
and now Hansi Kürsch from Blind Guardian :-)
Michael May
Michael May 17 саат мурун
This misses the point of Iron Maiden. It was always about the complete package. They wrote the song, they played the song and they did it the only way they could, perfectly. This doesn't compare to jack shit, it's just not in the same category.
Tenebris Rex
Tenebris Rex Күн мурун
Herman!!! Show this to Bruce!!!
Jake Battaglia
Jake Battaglia Күн мурун
I'd like to see Bruce Dickinson's reaction too :P
massive irrelevance
massive irrelevance Күн мурун
Flight of the bumble bee?
Fabian Raúl Silva
Fabian Raúl Silva Күн мурун
Up the dragons!
adoracle1 Күн мурун
That was amazing!!!
Marco Ferrao
Marco Ferrao Күн мурун
Now you know who to call for replacements for every member of the band if you ever needed.
GRude420 Күн мурун
That video was badass.. and I don't even like the song!
Jason Conley
Jason Conley Күн мурун
Thiago Krempser
Thiago Krempser Күн мурун
RobotDCLXVI Күн мурун
Angra is badass. Love Angra.
Steve Vestel
Steve Vestel Күн мурун
I would LOVE to hear the singer perform Stranger In A Strange Land and Flight If The Iccirus.
bruce Dickinson and steve terreberry.....its gonna happen...trust me
xNakerx 2 күн мурун
Seeing him smile that big to other guitarists who have their own spin. So great. We don't deserve Herman Li.
Fiddlekrazy Steve
Fiddlekrazy Steve 2 күн мурун
That was An incredible BRUCE DICKINSON VOCAL! And that Drummer Lost about 40lbs of his Weight just Muscling such a ferocious warrior like Playing! And...of Course Herman is the Bomb, he is Humble and of course one of Greatest and Shredd master Guitarist Warriors!! Thanks Herman for being You!!
marrow of doom
marrow of doom 2 күн мурун
That is fricking AWESOME!!!!
metaluke17 2 күн мурун
It's actually thousands times better like that, than the studio version with the worst power metal singer ever!
darkroronoa 2 күн мурун
thats awesome cover
Rik Moore
Rik Moore 3 күн мурун
Lmao but he blows your singer away , no hate.
Here Now
Here Now 3 күн мурун
Sounds like the singer from Helloween, Michael Kiske.
Panagiotis Sgouras
Panagiotis Sgouras 3 күн мурун
Man it is amazing...I love it
That's really dope!
Klaus Brito
Klaus Brito 3 күн мурун
Yeah !!! I feel the same, smash it .
Skwisgaar Skwigelf
Skwisgaar Skwigelf 3 күн мурун
After Herman Li said “whoa take a breath for a second” I got an add!😑
Robson Pereira
Robson Pereira 3 күн мурун
Raphael regassa véi.
zombee38 3 күн мурун
He is just screaming HIRE ME I'm better than your current singer...hehehe
Liam Mitchell
Liam Mitchell 3 күн мурун
When you can make a guy like Mr Li stank face during a cover for his own song, you know you nailed it. Well done guys.
Pedro Eurico
Pedro Eurico 3 күн мурун
Não sei o porque do YT me recomendar esse vídeo, que bom, foi sensacional a reação
Web Design
Web Design 4 күн мурун
sounds better this way
E Kanerva
E Kanerva 4 күн мурун
Wow, Ive watched this singer before and its unbelievable how much he sounds like Bruce! this was a fricken fantastic cover across the board from all the performers! Awesome stuff!
Russell ward
Russell ward 4 күн мурун
Fuck me he sounds just like Bruce.
Lord Impaler
Lord Impaler 4 күн мурун
This is bad ass. Next do "If Dio sang Dragonforce" plz
Di 4 күн мурун
That bass, holy jesus
Pete Thoresen
Pete Thoresen 4 күн мурун
Iron Maiden replaced Bruce for a little bit, realized the mistake and got him back. Uh hum, Dragonforce? They got him back. Everyone was happy. interesting concept right?
Dave Joyslin
Dave Joyslin 4 күн мурун
DragonForce can only wish....BD is the goat
ironmaiden1236541 4 күн мурун
Herman "the hose" Li
TheLionzMusic 5 күн мурун
Why is the inhuman rampage record behind him moving on its own?
Adriano Merces
Adriano Merces 5 күн мурун
Aqulies , Raphael monstros sagrados BR. Bruce é Bruce e ainda mais tocando DragonForce, puta música foda e difícil
James W
James W 5 күн мурун
The guitarist needs to practice a lot more.
Saint Sacrifice
Saint Sacrifice 5 күн мурун
Quick... find a reason to pause so you don't copyright strike yourself.
Abraao Nascimento
Abraao Nascimento 5 күн мурун
Sensacional ...
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes 5 күн мурун
Why kmac did not played the solo?
Joao Vnts
Joao Vnts 5 күн мурун
slk oia os br
A Fera Interior: Real-Life Situations
A Fera Interior: Real-Life Situations 5 күн мурун
ate eu que nao curto mto a banda vou começar a prestar mais atenção ...FODA
go carlos
go carlos 5 күн мурун
O li gostou 😨😨 🤘🤘🤘 metal 🇧🇷
priyo moirangthem
priyo moirangthem 5 күн мурун
Wow, he sings splendid. Love the band from Manipur
rogerio nogueira
rogerio nogueira 6 күн мурун
HumanLarva 6 күн мурун
that inhuman rampage frame back there is making me nervous...
justanotherlikeyou 6 күн мурун
What about if Phil Anselmo sung for Dragon Force? Now that'd be crazy Pantera Force?
Roberto Inostroza
Roberto Inostroza 7 күн мурун
When the cover sounds better than de og.
Eduardo S.
Eduardo S. 7 күн мурун
Thank you Herman, it was so nice from you. I am Brazilian, and as a big fan from both (Dragon Force, and Raphael), I may say it was really interesting to listen.
Kung Sverige
Kung Sverige 7 күн мурун
That voice🇸🇪💙💛🤘
Vinicius Gamer #Hardgaming
Vinicius Gamer #Hardgaming 7 күн мурун
BR porra
Memo R
Memo R 7 күн мурун
02:45 the reaction came, ja
vinicius 8 күн мурун
caralho muito bom
Dimas Galdino
Dimas Galdino 8 күн мурун
Aquiles monstro cacetudo!
FryingPan 8 күн мурун
Well, since they missed out on the opportunity to get Angus McFife as a singer, this guy might be a great backup for a Dragonforce/Iron Maiden Tour. :D
William Souza
William Souza 8 күн мурун
Queria ver a cara do Bruce assistindo ele cantar
Bazza Leowolf Hamiton
Bazza Leowolf Hamiton 8 күн мурун
Played this to a ferrit, he says hes luck dragon now and wants to be called Falcor
John Fairbairn
John Fairbairn 8 күн мурун
Seen a few videos with him. What a talent where you can mimic another vocalist and almost kneel it 100%.
Clayton Oliveira
Clayton Oliveira 8 күн мурун
Só assim pra tentar salvar essa porcaria de música
Slayer 76
Slayer 76 8 күн мурун
I really enjoyed this . Up the irons 🤘
Chris Webb
Chris Webb 9 күн мурун
"hey guys I just realised our song has a lot of solos" 🤣
Elton Torres Zanoni
Elton Torres Zanoni 9 күн мурун
11:06 "Oohh"
904 Pinball Zine
904 Pinball Zine 9 күн мурун
Eric Stuller
Eric Stuller 9 күн мурун
I have yet to hear someone truly mimic Bruce. He comes close a couple times, good job
Robert Padua
Robert Padua 9 күн мурун
What an honor for Raphael Mendes to be acknowledged by Herman Li.
Gerard Montgomery
Gerard Montgomery 9 күн мурун
Love DragonForce, love the Irons and I love this.
guillermo antongiovanni
guillermo antongiovanni 9 күн мурун
hi Herman it is really crazy what this man sings and it is insane what you do with your guitar on this song I love metal I love "Iron Maiden" I love "Angra" I love "Dragonforce" and the combination is explosive greetings from Argentina
flirtyguy34 10 күн мурун
I agree I can't understand how 94 people dislike this video? WTF? this is fucking awesome! I am a huge Iron Maiden fan they have been my favorite band since 1984! my first concert was Iron Maiden July 4, 1985! it was fucking awesome and so is this insane cover! love your reaction to it!
Muhammad Rofiuddin
Muhammad Rofiuddin 10 күн мурун
Can't wait your collaboration with John Myung
David S Pumpkins
David S Pumpkins 10 күн мурун
Sounds more like Geoff Tate
Fuzzgutter Wins
Fuzzgutter Wins 10 күн мурун
I have never played guitar hero. So I got to hear this song uninfluenced by anything. And I fell in love with the band instantly. The game is my favorite Dragonforce song.
Wtn_ Crossno421
Wtn_ Crossno421 10 күн мурун
Dude sounds like iron maiden
Adão Pavoni
Adão Pavoni 10 күн мурун
Orgulho de ser BR! Parabéns a todos os envolvidos, ficou top essa versão!
Duarte VGC
Duarte VGC 11 күн мурун
Puta que pariu, tudo nesse vídeo é foda pra caralho, bicho! Holy shit, every little thing in this video is fucking sick, dude!
Duarte VGC
Duarte VGC 9 күн мурун
@Sartorão Da Serra, num é?! Cabuloso!
Sartorão Da Serra
Sartorão Da Serra 9 күн мурун
Oh loco meu, bicho que vídeo, quem sabe faz ao vivo, o glorioso Raphael Mendes
ANTES DAS 03:00 am by ЎЏГΪ LØðßRÓK
ANTES DAS 03:00 am by ЎЏГΪ LØðßRÓK 11 күн мурун
Raphael Mendes. Cara, será que o Bruce já ouviu ele cantar? O cara é muito monstro no vocal, orgulho total. Aquiles como sempre destruidor na batera e Luiz sola muito. A expressão de alegria do Herman foi a melhor veio, o olho do cara até brilhou 🤘
Jose Legaspi
Jose Legaspi 11 күн мурун
Achielles Priester is a phenomenal metal drummer, his fills in the song "Spread Your Fire" by Angra are just awesome!!!! Love him.
CHeeRs BraDaa
CHeeRs BraDaa 11 күн мурун
That guys was a Bruce Dickinson i thought before seen him in the video
the undead1
the undead1 11 күн мурун
Coll. Just cool. Have a great day
SGT H USMC 11 күн мурун
Good, but not better than the original.
匠シンジ 11 күн мурун
Hitman GFX
Hitman GFX 12 күн мурун
I...like it more than the original? Sorry but...not sorry. That was fucking incredible.
Fernando Nigro
Fernando Nigro 12 күн мурун
wassupBGHS 12 күн мурун
He does sound like Bruce Dickinson but with some young rob halford!
Breeman Gaming
Breeman Gaming 12 күн мурун
God DAMN! That was absolutely fucking beautiful to hear! Amazing work, djentlemen.
Danilo DJP
Danilo DJP 12 күн мурун
Aqui é Brasil irmão. Sucesso Raphael Mendes e Luiz Kalil
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