Live Shred Collab #3: Herman Li and Jared Dines - Shred Wars

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Another Live Shred Collab from Shred Talk! DragonForce guitarist @Herman Li and @Jared Dines of Shred Wars, improvised jam on Twitch livestream.
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Matias Nieva
Matias Nieva 9 күн мурун
Song base?
Jacob Derynioski
Jacob Derynioski 17 күн мурун
Herman's not using a whammy bar. Wow
nguyenyangam phamcanam Music
nguyenyangam phamcanam Music 22 күн мурун
notre dame fire
TasT John
TasT John 23 күн мурун
Tom Wahl
Tom Wahl 24 күн мурун
G Mihai
G Mihai 24 күн мурун
Are the techniques used in this video considered advanced or pro cause like I don't wanna lose all my self esteem
Jeremy Silcott
Jeremy Silcott 25 күн мурун
So I just learned the Intro to Simple Man, feeling pretty good about myself lol, then I watched this.....
Amber Russow
Amber Russow 25 күн мурун
2019 guy
Bob Blake
Bob Blake 25 күн мурун
When I have this on in the background, Herman's playing really gets my attention. So clean.
rikwar 25 күн мурун
good good good :)
AyedhanPharm’r11 25 күн мурун
ArdiNugroho 26 күн мурун
Jared sound not to good as usual
Tiphaine Pol
Tiphaine Pol 26 күн мурун
What is the name of the backing track please ?
rawr I'm a octopus
rawr I'm a octopus 26 күн мурун
Honestly cannot get bored of the we need a whole shred album make it happen Jared
Josiah N.
Josiah N. 27 күн мурун
Herman ls playing is so much cleaner and more melodic
Josiah N.
Josiah N. 27 күн мурун
Herman never makes mistakes
Jorge Quiroga
Jorge Quiroga 27 күн мурун
Is that a song or they just improvised that lol :c
Darquen 21 күн мурун
@Jorge Quiroga yepp
Jorge Quiroga
Jorge Quiroga 21 күн мурун
@Darquen AMAZING
Darquen 26 күн мурун
John M
John M 27 күн мурун
How do they play in time over the same track without latency between the two streams?
Archergod 27 күн мурун
EVH blessing y'all from heaven.
Hazzard Unholy
Hazzard Unholy 27 күн мурун
You bounced off each others timing and spaces so well! That was cool as fuck
The Nokte Guy
The Nokte Guy 27 күн мурун
first and foremost music for me (in this case the guitar) Is all about Melody. And Herman li always nails it
Cosmos10 28 күн мурун
Thank you for the wonderful jam session!♡♡♡♡♡
NoAssMcgee 28 күн мурун
U guys together sound like Cacophony
Barramusic TV
Barramusic TV 28 күн мурун
what stream plataform do you use? I would be gratefull for the rest of my live!
GuerrillaRadio 28 күн мурун
When you nail a phrase that Herman Li just screwed up, with a liter of cola stache. This. This is what winning looks like. So jealous rn.
Boenk09 28 күн мурун
Amazing cooolll guitars
mavric43 29 күн мурун
dines joning df 2021?
Daniel Abraham
Daniel Abraham 29 күн мурун
This title should be 2020 guitar god plays with hermin
김정희 29 күн мурун
브베형이 여깄었네
Iwanyells 29 күн мурун
Is Nasactiyone
Is Nasactiyone 29 күн мурун
How both of you do that on one take shot. Amazing chemistry!
Painless Tragedy
Painless Tragedy 29 күн мурун
Herman Li destroyed him...for 5 mins!
Val Serrano
Val Serrano 29 күн мурун
I'd like to see you shred with Mark tremonti
Éric Patry
Éric Patry 29 күн мурун
Wow your synchronicity is amazing
Andreas Lorenz
Andreas Lorenz 29 күн мурун
Geiler Scheiß 😍🥰😍
Ken Hoey
Ken Hoey 29 күн мурун
Now........have a shred war with Buckethead!
A'vius A'von
A'vius A'von 29 күн мурун
epic legend .
WaCk -
WaCk - 29 күн мурун
didnt know donut operator could shred
Swappis Threerot
Swappis Threerot 29 күн мурун
Darn that was good combination from 2:40..
A B Cars N’ Guitars
A B Cars N’ Guitars 29 күн мурун
Got it give it to both of them.. they’re improvisational skills are phenomenal That was awesome, well done guys. This looks so fun, I wish I had some people to jam with like this haha
No Lucks Given
No Lucks Given 29 күн мурун
The amount of synergy that built up.
Michael Tinley
Michael Tinley 29 күн мурун
This video brought a smile to my face
Aniq Aidil
Aniq Aidil Ай мурун
Both of you are so cool!!!
Peppah Boi
Peppah Boi Ай мурун
Tabs plz
ZaAtti Tarot
ZaAtti Tarot Ай мурун
I always wanted to play guitar on stream but OBS can't hear my abletons Asio
BombproofRazor Ай мурун
Live battle against Jacky Vincent?
Low effort Productions
Low effort Productions Ай мурун
Are they using the same guitar? Jared's guitar neck looks more yellow, but it could just be the white balance with his camera.
Blackwater Jack
Blackwater Jack Ай мурун
So great to see collabs like this so much talent on the screen
Um ser aleatório
Um ser aleatório Ай мурун
Se alguém quiser uma guitarra pode falar comigo. Depois de ver essa Jam sou obrigado a vender a minha kkkk tocam demais
Johnny laurelli
Johnny laurelli Ай мурун
Anyone know what software they’re using to do this online with such low latency??
Vinnie singh
Vinnie singh Ай мурун
I'm so sorry for Steve T
i'm A hOleytarget
i'm A hOleytarget Ай мурун
nigel grimm
nigel grimm Ай мурун
You can tell Herman wasn't trying. 😊🤘
TheSunMoon Ай мурун
I thought I was doing a shred war with Matt Heafy once, then I woke up from my dream.🤣
Ömer Demirci
Ömer Demirci Ай мурун
Jareddie Mercury
Miyo Linux
Miyo Linux Ай мурун
Would love to see a collab or reaction to Max Ostro.
Realistic Person
Realistic Person Ай мурун
Herman obviously far better, but Jared wasn't that far behind considering Herman been playing for 30+ years. Herman was already a pro when Jared was 3 year old.
Brian Fediuk
Brian Fediuk Ай мурун
I imagine a snowboarding video with this music. Great job guys
Old Phart
Old Phart Ай мурун
Wish Deus
Wish Deus Ай мурун
All he needed to say was D minor and they are off
Skedd TV
Skedd TV 27 күн мурун
E minor 😃
Jim Dewd Guitars
Jim Dewd Guitars Ай мурун
You can clearly see how much fun they are having. As a guitarist there's nothing better than getting lost in a backing track and just going crazy and improving and trying new stuff! So awesome! 🤘
A War
A War Ай мурун
Johnny S
Johnny S Ай мурун
It is so damn cool to see just how down to earth Herman is. And to see how much fun both of these guys have jamming with each other.
Suen91 Ай мурун
That was something in this.. Loved that.
Kirk WAHmett 89
Kirk WAHmett 89 Ай мурун
I think you know what we need, a 2 vs 2 shred war...sam and herman vs stevie and jared.
Abie Ryan
Abie Ryan Ай мурун
How is there no lag between them?
Foxx Senpai
Foxx Senpai Ай мурун
Jared's mustache has to go!
Malignat Tumors
Malignat Tumors Ай мурун
I like how Jared starting note, and how he start picking, he feels like Petrucci but in Binding and note choices Herman was more superb and unpredictable.. thats two legend
Andrew Huddleston
Andrew Huddleston Ай мурун
That was so cool. Music is amazing
Apple Cofe
Apple Cofe Ай мурун
Some parts were good, but some parts were amazing!
Kostek Ай мурун
Maybe Synyster gates next??
Ryan Soh
Ryan Soh Ай мурун
0:53 Herman: hold on, I gotta fix my mane I dig it
Javier E. Benavides C.
Javier E. Benavides C. Ай мурун
OMG that was amazing, more than a Vs it sounded like you have created a new song!
Jakub Nowak
Jakub Nowak Ай мурун
Jared smoked the pandemic special
Sidecutt3 Ай мурун
This is not a shred war, this is a shred alliance
Mikey Shy
Mikey Shy Ай мурун
It's great to see 2 guys having this much fun cutting heads.
Andreas J Black
Andreas J Black Ай мурун
Damn, Jared has improved a hell of a lot since i last saw him play. His Bendings are SO on point and overall shred is killer guys!! Btw what's the name of the Backing Track? Sounds like a lot of fun to play along with friends for a "metal jam". Rock on
FlimFlam XD
FlimFlam XD Ай мурун
im sitting here just waiting for the dooo to join the call with his new guitar
Tatsuya BZ
Tatsuya BZ Ай мурун
waiting for Jared leaving a comment here.
Reynald Rodil
Reynald Rodil Ай мурун
@Herman Li and @Jared Dines --- long live the masters of shreds and flying fingers!...rock on!
Dackel Ай мурун
A good day to have ears
Swastik Ghosh
Swastik Ghosh Ай мурун
Jared is real beast...❤️❤️❤️.....lots offf lv from India...for both off u...❤️❤️
Chheez Itt
Chheez Itt Ай мурун
Herman li "pick something easier"
andreas lol 123
andreas lol 123 Ай мурун
Herman need floating bridge to go crazy
andreas lol 123
andreas lol 123 Ай мурун
Looking foward for among us collab dude
Universal Symphony
Universal Symphony Ай мурун
Sorry but Herman is better here :D
REKT Jongshi
REKT Jongshi Ай мурун
I really wanna watch Herman And SynysterGates battle XD or jam❤️
World As War
World As War Ай мурун
That's so romantic when they finish each others solos
World As War
World As War Ай мурун
I mean. This is far from war.... All i see is two guitar gods shredding and having fun.
Brandon Messersmith
Brandon Messersmith Ай мурун
So epic 🤘🏻🔥🤘🏻
David Sumner
David Sumner Ай мурун
Two genuinely awesome guys.
Jose Hernandez CIC
Jose Hernandez CIC Ай мурун
Powerful stuff 🤘🏼
Alex CHAN Ай мурун
Wow! That improvised dual was so epic!
david vellez
david vellez Ай мурун
Rusli1659 LP Soldier
Rusli1659 LP Soldier Ай мурун
that collaboration was sick!!! but I wanna listen this backing track in E minor which I need to practice this one how they uses hammer ons and pull offs, Respect and rock on!
Steven Houben
Steven Houben Ай мурун
theDank Savage
theDank Savage Ай мурун
Nissssssssssssssssssce 🍻
arroz con leche
arroz con leche Ай мурун
joe08867 Ай мурун
You guys rock. I love the collabs.
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