Reaction Video: DragonForce Song Herman Li Has Never Heard

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7 ай мурун

Music amnesia? Herman Li reacting to a DragonForce song he has NEVER heard before, during a Twitch livestream! What do you think of this song?
#dragonforce #hermanli
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Kazlux 7
Kazlux 7 Күн мурун
This is hilarious, Herman. Are you sure you’re playing?
Franz Pablo
Franz Pablo 12 күн мурун
The Herman Li we have now came from a parallel universe where Heartbreak Armageddon doesn't exist. Our Herman Li is lost somewhere or in the other universe where this Herman Li came from. That's the only explanation we have him "forgetting" a Dragonforce song. XD XD XD XD XD XD
Rasvidan Wild
Rasvidan Wild 13 күн мурун
Luke Sansom
Luke Sansom 17 күн мурун
Herman just confirmed he coils have been high 🤔
Daniel New
Daniel New 18 күн мурун
1:43 god, his brain has blown!
Cyberfoxxy 23 күн мурун
Wouldn't it be hilarious if KGpost demonetized this video.
Luqman Atha
Luqman Atha Ай мурун
Heartbreak Armageddon
Cyan Platypus
Cyan Platypus Ай мурун
Do you remember "die by the sword"? It's amazing
Withered Rose
Withered Rose Ай мурун
sorry for commenting on such an old video, and sorry if someone else has already pointed this out, but on the Wikipedia article for this album, it lists *this song* as being written by Herman, Sam, and Fred... and aside from lyrics, this is actually the *only* song on the album for which Herman has songwriting credit! Which makes it all the more hilarious that he absolutely could not remember it🤣
luster 5
luster 5 Ай мурун
Something about music genre, After listening to just one song, Every song afterwards in that genre just sounds the same.
Tio Taylor
Tio Taylor Ай мурун
*Alzheimer detectado* ⚠️
sensaznal Ай мурун
Herman you must be high on crack that day to forget lol
Nexus Ай мурун
I'm writing a fantasy saga and happens the same lol, i forgot characters, events and how many i had wrote, jajajaaja
YaviRasta Ай мурун
When recording this, the band just put a guitar next to Herman and it played itself while he was listening to and audiobook
Luke Sansom
Luke Sansom 2 ай мурун
next stream be Herman reacts to the only song he never heard: Through the Fire and Flames.
LirutheFoxgirl 2 ай мурун
I bet you'll remember in the dead of the night and you'll yelling out, 'I fucken remember!!'
Ian Addison
Ian Addison 2 ай мурун
You know you are good when you hear something that you have played and not know exactly how you played but others remember and keep listening to it.
Matthew Klepadlo
Matthew Klepadlo 2 ай мурун
Well, ZP sang this and not Marc, so it was at least it makes sense that it’d be be hard to remember that song.
Roshammbo Gaming
Roshammbo Gaming 3 ай мурун
haha someone was drunk in the studio
Mattia Nardo
Mattia Nardo 3 ай мурун
Herman this is absolutely a joke 😂
HorrorPills 3 ай мурун
good shit right there
megarockfreak 3 ай мурун
looooooool btw mayby my favorite dragonforce song? And the song where I remember the lyrics the most although I heard many of their songs more.
kpd dog1
kpd dog1 3 ай мурун
Just to think herman wrote this song
Mike Suarez
Mike Suarez 3 ай мурун
Heartbreak Armageddon is my fav song off Ultra Beatdown. Personally I can't stand Dragonforce post Ultra Beatdown without ZP. I love the band dearly but their new singer never sounded right to me. Their first four albums pretty much gave us everything we could have ever wanted from their sound. It's the height of power metal in my opinion.
Flex Valentino
Flex Valentino 3 ай мурун
This was my 2nd favourite song off the album behind heroes of our time, was gutted it wasn't played live on the album tour, i was sure it would be the 2nd single instead of long journey home as well lol
HJ GE 3 ай мурун
It's funny, because on that album it's actually the only song where he is credited as writing the music.
Frogger 3 ай мурун
Shame on you Herman. Forgetting such an iconic song... To make up for it this one has to go on the set list for the whole next tour! ;)
Shawn 3 ай мурун
Would you recommend this band? 😂
Shawn 3 ай мурун
Herman ALWAYS makes me LAUGH! I don't even remember the song at all, hahaha.
SixStringCaesar 3 ай мурун
Herman has forgotten more amazing licks than most of us will ever learn.
Gustavo Sarmiento
Gustavo Sarmiento 3 ай мурун
No puedo creer que Herman no sepa o no recuerde nada de esta canción, es una joya !! Saludos desde Ecuador
FlimFlam XD
FlimFlam XD 3 ай мурун
First steps of alzheimers?
Connor Campbell
Connor Campbell 4 ай мурун
DragonForce: "Herman we have a show tomorrow, our first song is Heartbreak Armageddon" Herman Li: "f**k"
FreeSalesTips 3 ай мурун
Herman Li: Are you trolling me? What do you mean I wrote this song 10 years ago? I haven't even heard it before!
Grasshopper 02
Grasshopper 02 3 ай мурун
Pendaki Kalimantan
Pendaki Kalimantan 3 ай мурун
David Santiago
David Santiago 4 ай мурун
5:15...that wasnt you..It was me
CLos 4 ай мурун
Herman Li only remembers TTFaF
JonnhyB3Good 4 ай мурун
I think you should get this back in the show, maybe you can cut some part to keep it shorter, but there are alot of good riffs here, its a shame to leave it in the past!
Marcelo Reyes
Marcelo Reyes 4 ай мурун
I love youre musicccccc!!!!!!
Johnny and Plank
Johnny and Plank 4 ай мурун
W Heek
W Heek 4 ай мурун
He played the song
Max Haibara
Max Haibara 4 ай мурун
The copyright said that it's DragonForce. So it must be DragonForce.
Mr. Brightside
Mr. Brightside 4 ай мурун
this reminds me of a story back in 1984, Steven Tyler heard an old Aerosmith song on the radio and didn't recognize it due to memory loss from years of drug use. He suggested to the band that they record a cover version. Joe Perry told him "It's us, fuckhead.
Rikuuu 4 ай мурун
7:08 ME when I see my mate across the street
Michael Chevrefils
Michael Chevrefils 4 ай мурун
Pretty damn good. Pretty funny actually the herman never heard his own song before but he recognizes his guitar shredding...
Darshan 4 ай мурун
KGpost u are fking !!!! Copyright on their on videos ?? So DRAGONFORCE can't make videos on thier own songs ?
Deader89 4 ай мурун
my favorit album!
Lennie Printz
Lennie Printz 4 ай мурун
It sounds exactly like Through fire and flames
Billy Mech
Billy Mech 4 ай мурун
I wonder if he recorded it and then never heard the final mix.
NoseBlind 4 ай мурун
someone needs to edit this with TTFAF over top of this so it sounds like he's reacting to it and being all confused
Syren Goe†ix
Syren Goe†ix 4 ай мурун
When Herman Said " I don't have any idea" Dragon 𝙵𝙾𝚁𝙲𝙴.. 𝙽𝙰𝙽𝙸!!!!" "𝙾𝙼𝙰𝚄𝙷 𝙼𝙴𝙸 𝚆𝙰𝙷 𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙽"
Jack Denial
Jack Denial 4 ай мурун
Herman Li finally becoming a KGpostr😰😰😰
Elvan Budiongan
Elvan Budiongan 4 ай мурун
React on davie, who challenge you to play the bass first before he play it under water
SayFull sum
SayFull sum 4 ай мурун
7:07 dafuq is this gesture..?!
DMiyash248 3 ай мурун
He's demonstrating different ways of "fapping" to the song? IDK ╮( ˘ 、 ˘ )╭
SayFull sum
SayFull sum 4 ай мурун
Literally every non-dragonforce fan ever: 6:09, 6:28
nexusmas9 4 ай мурун
I'm new on this channel so don't roast me but why does he have a feet cam ? Or is it like a guitar hand cam
Rin Kizuna
Rin Kizuna 4 ай мурун
Its for the fans to see him playing the Guitar That screen focuses on his right hand
marco warsnop
marco warsnop 4 ай мурун
it was me who play the guitar not hermanli, that's the reason why he haven't heard this song before!
MyNameIs Zayin
MyNameIs Zayin 4 ай мурун
"Would you reccomend this band? I don't know their songs go on forever." -Herman Li, 2020
TristinxD 4 ай мурун
very impressive.. but can you slap like on all of davie504’s video’s?
Camilo 4 ай мурун
7:08 I can also play like that
Anil Menon
Anil Menon 5 ай мурун
'More solos?' is the best way to describe DragonForce
Tony Xiong
Tony Xiong 5 ай мурун
i dont remember alot of the things i do while on drugs too.
Duckweed 5 ай мурун
Just 9 minutes of "I'm sorry guys, I really am. I just don't know, I don't get it." *Ok I'll take it.* yo vadim went fuckin' ham tho like holy shit i mean this 'song' just in general and in every sense had the least chill of any dragonforce song
Elmiyanti Thomas
Elmiyanti Thomas 5 ай мурун
Alif ba ya faded
Felipe Ferráns G.
Felipe Ferráns G. 5 ай мурун
6:19 "It's like Mozart forgetting the 9th Symphony" ... are you for real?
X&Y Gaming
X&Y Gaming 5 ай мурун
This is from Ultra Beatdown IIRC 🤔 IT IS!! IT'S HEARTBREAK ARMAGEDDON!! 😂😂
Raka Tamara
Raka Tamara 5 ай мурун
Its because to many song. Then he dont remember..
DatorVerkstaden 5 ай мурун
And getting old and it was 12years? I dont remember what i did 12 years ago so i dont blame him.
Team FaZe
Team FaZe 5 ай мурун
@Herman li it’s from ultra beatdown
Jay's Cover
Jay's Cover 5 ай мурун
He said, maybe I was high on drugs or drunk lmao. That's Rock n Roll for you hahah
Endomou 5 ай мурун
You know I'd be fine with his reaction if he wasn't in the band when that song released but he recognized its his guitar playing
Zack Maidyk
Zack Maidyk 5 ай мурун
7:08 Herman Li faps with his own music.
T James
T James 5 ай мурун
Damn must have been a great party when they recorded it.
Freddy 5 ай мурун
You were definitely stoned !!!😁😁😁😁
Scott Korber
Scott Korber 5 ай мурун
I'm going to guess there were plenty of "adult activities" going on during the recording of this song for him to totally forget it. And how have they not played this song again since it was recorded??... 🤔
lars kristensen
lars kristensen 5 ай мурун
This is the song "Heartbreak Armageddon" by DragonForce, from their album "Ultra Beatdown". Song four! Music by Herman Li, Sam Totman and Frédéric Leclercq! Lyrics by Sam and Herman! (2008)
Expliteron Boom
Expliteron Boom 5 ай мурун
Herman Li put more solos into your new songs again! Your getting too slow! Please?
KrAkHeN 5 ай мурун
thats the mark of a true legend... amazed by your own talent with no idea how you did it in the first place lol
Summit Summit
Summit Summit 5 ай мурун
How about buckethead
Mabdaa 5 ай мурун
Why does he have a camera for his feet
Erwin Mulder
Erwin Mulder 5 ай мурун
When she is playing on stream, you can see a different angle on his hands and his feet doing the pedal work on that cam.
Givemeriffs 1414
Givemeriffs 1414 5 ай мурун
All grindcore bands
Anthony Obermier
Anthony Obermier 5 ай мурун
And that's why you don't do can't even claim your own master piece. That who??? Me.
Jean Kyle Ronald Timbol
Jean Kyle Ronald Timbol 5 ай мурун
I can only imagine if Metallica remembers all there stuff, also slayer and maiden since they have tons of songs
Shahiran Razak
Shahiran Razak 5 ай мурун
he is originally shocked
Rafi Hugo
Rafi Hugo 5 ай мурун
How???? I mean how
Ren odyuo
Ren odyuo 5 ай мурун
Sir you wrote this song and how comes you dont remember this song?
A M Young
A M Young 5 ай мурун
Sounds like ZeePee's voice and not the new guy *shrug*
E Wozniak
E Wozniak 5 ай мурун
A Prime example of THE MANDELA EFFECT......
LRed13 5 ай мурун
Reverse Mandela effect
The IT Guy
The IT Guy 5 ай мурун
After a while, Herman be like "What? ZP's not in DragonForce anymore? "
kibinkibink D'zourney
kibinkibink D'zourney 5 ай мурун
Franklin Ardiansyah
Franklin Ardiansyah 5 ай мурун
My favourite song!; At 4:03 it's emotional melodic guitar from Herman and Sam🤘
Keitarou Hosaka
Keitarou Hosaka 5 ай мурун
lmao, heartbreak armageddon is one of my favorites too :( :(
its me223
its me223 5 ай мурун
there you go... when he plays he blacks out, then he goes to "Herman's World" where he is the "Shredder"
Willis _
Willis _ 5 ай мурун
Are we just ignoring that Herman apparently just writes shit like this apparently without effort if he can't remember it
Owen Deville
Owen Deville 5 ай мурун
Wtf i used to listen to that song. Its so amazing then when i know that the artist itself didn't recognize it. Its like... Wtf ahaha. 😂😂😂
musera hang
musera hang 5 ай мурун
I love you dragonforce
hunter affleck
hunter affleck 5 ай мурун
Please make more of these Herman . Cause I'm pretty sure this ain't the only one that you can't remember . Lol it's freaking hilarious . I wonder if you remember Lost Souls in Endless Time or Scars of Yesterday or Flame of Youth or Prepare for War .
Leo N
Leo N 5 ай мурун
Cool song
Alen Tomal
Alen Tomal 5 ай мурун
That is the legendary attitude. Creating cool stuffs and forget about it. \m/
Alen Tomal
Alen Tomal 5 ай мурун
Thanks for being real .....
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