Trailer - DragonForce US Tour March 2020 - Extreme Power Metal

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9 ай мурун

More power metal in one evening than you've had hot dinners!?! DragonForce + special guests Unleash The Archers and Visions of Atlantis.
Mar. 5 Mesa, AZ SOLD OUT
Mar. 6 Los Angeles, CA SOLD OUT
Mar. 8 San Francisco, CA SOLD OUT
Mar. 10 Salt Lake City, UT SOLD OUT
Mar. 11 Denver, CO SOLD OUT
-== Postponed Due to Covid-19 =-
Mar. 13 Minneapolis, MN SOLD OUT
Mar. 14 St Louis, MO
Mar. 15 Chicago, IL SOLD OUT
Mar. 17 Cleveland, OH
Mar. 18 Detroit, MI
Mar. 19 Pittsburgh, PA
Mar. 20 Worcester, MA
Mar. 21 Brooklyn, NY SOLD OUT
#dragonforce #dragonforcetour #hermanli
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Benobot99 6 ай мурун
RIP that tour, lol.
rKizCora 8 ай мурун
let me guess HermanLi made this
DVDVAMPIRE01 9 ай мурун
Looking forward to Unleash the Archers and finally seeing Visions live.
TheDerpyLuigi11 9 ай мурун
Imagine playing drums for Dragonforce. ...
HongLong Wuxia
HongLong Wuxia 9 ай мурун
Salt lake but no Vegas?
IcyLucario 9 ай мурун
Wish I could see you guys live again! :( These captions are great.
Hobbes Caltous
Hobbes Caltous 9 ай мурун
Will Smyser
Will Smyser 9 ай мурун
If (WHEN) you guys release signature guitars, offer as many colors as possible. I think the EGEN might have sold better if more colors were offered. I would have a purple Egen but might back bought the cheaper one if a better color was offered... (Steve Vai has many colors and options and I'm sure he doesn't LOVE all of them but he knows they will sell) In general... Orange is not popular and Purple is cool with me but probably not the most popular either. Pink PRS is cool but blue, black, green, white, would be awesome (I don't love red but it many do!).
Raymond Pratt
Raymond Pratt 9 ай мурун
I’ll see you all in St. Louis!! Can’t wait!!!
Dodi Reza
Dodi Reza 9 ай мурун
1:42 don't try this if you don't have a muscular neck
Guerrero de la Luz
Guerrero de la Luz 9 ай мурун
Great, but not the same repertoire as always. There are songs like Cry For Eternity, The Fire Still Burns or Give Me The Night that never played live. Sorry for my bad english.
Guntoro Bekti
Guntoro Bekti 9 ай мурун
0:37 what song ?
Cesar Augusto
Cesar Augusto 7 ай мурун
@Guntoro Bekti You're welcome.
Guntoro Bekti
Guntoro Bekti 7 ай мурун
@Cesar Augusto thanks you broo
Cesar Augusto
Cesar Augusto 7 ай мурун
The last dragonborn
Lidiane Santos
Lidiane Santos 9 ай мурун
Mucho lindo yu adoro Dragon Force! !
James Henthorn
James Henthorn 9 ай мурун
I heard the other 2 bands’ previews and was just like *oh my god this sounds amazing.* Makes sense that they’re the ones touring with you.
Rough 9 ай мурун
Still no Florida
Joe Benedetti
Joe Benedetti 9 ай мурун
Aw! My favorite band’s on tour in my home country and I’m stuck in Tech School. DragonForce helped me to get to where I am, now, though, so I’ve got their ass-kicking power in my heart.
ZackOvAllTrades 9 ай мурун
@Joe Benedetti Hell yes! Hail DragonForce!🤘
Joe Benedetti
Joe Benedetti 9 ай мурун
ZackOvAllTrades 🤘 Rock-on, brother. Metal lives.
ZackOvAllTrades 9 ай мурун
Greg 9 ай мурун
I was salty about not being able to see you in France, and now i learn that Visions Of Atlantis is with you.... I'm quite sad right now :(
Ami 9 ай мурун
Come to Poland ❤️
James Ingle
James Ingle 9 ай мурун
I'm excited for the extreme fretboard wanking
Anthropomantic Fiend
Anthropomantic Fiend 9 ай мурун
The self-deprecation is strong with this one. Also, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS and VISIONS OF ATLANTIS??? This just got way more exciting.
Marcos Gabriel Ost Puhl
Marcos Gabriel Ost Puhl 9 ай мурун
Tour in brazil please
Dérick Padilha
Dérick Padilha 9 ай мурун
And for Brazil ?? when does DragonForce come?
Alex21 9 ай мурун
Please, play The Last Journey Home or E.P.M. on this tour.
Big Ange
Big Ange 9 ай мурун
Hey even though you came here in Australia back in 2017 doesn't mean you have to wait another what another 10 years to come back... Add Australian dates to your World Tour boys and girl.....
Sh0gun 9 ай мурун
Got my tix already. See y'all in MN \m/
Desconecido 9 ай мурун
A cultura brasileira precisa muito de músicas assim
Pop Punk Dot Com
Pop Punk Dot Com 9 ай мурун
"Fret Wanking".... arest thou trolling thyselves?
Brian Henson
Brian Henson 9 ай мурун
damn closest to me is in san fran need some dates northwest like alaska
Efrain Hernandez
Efrain Hernandez 9 ай мурун
Already got my tickets days ago. See you in LA!!!
GermanPopTart 9 ай мурун
Minneapolis?? Cmon dragonforce
Will Smyser
Will Smyser 9 ай мурун
Male bonding lol Plus all the self-depricating humor. Well done guys. Dragons?! Nani?!?!?! Maybe 1 dragon. Heart of a Dragon (among others) would be at least 1 more dragon and I'm always down for that song.
Tiancheng Liang
Tiancheng Liang 9 ай мурун
Yeah, Herman and Sam! Shred! Shred like nobody's business! But in fact, you guys are so good I feel like quitting and want to work hard and be like you guys at the same time, that's pretty wired.
Wan Lucas
Wan Lucas 9 ай мурун
Names of the Musics in video??
GoTE LT. Heartless
GoTE LT. Heartless 9 ай мурун
Samuel Wilks
Samuel Wilks 9 ай мурун
They came to my country and I missed it which I really regret.
Darklordcreeper *
Darklordcreeper * 9 ай мурун
I'm going goddamnit
Yahir Alí Martínez Ríos
Yahir Alí Martínez Ríos 9 ай мурун
0:45 ? 1:08? What song?
Samuel Wilks
Samuel Wilks 9 ай мурун
At 0:45 the song is The Last Dragonborn and the song at 1:08 is Remembrance Day. They are both from the band latest album , Extreme Power Metal.
tukang ngomen arek suroboyo
tukang ngomen arek suroboyo 9 ай мурун
Yhaw I like it
Wojo Wojtek Znany Youtuber
Wojo Wojtek Znany Youtuber 9 ай мурун
No Poland no go :(
NightmareNate 9 ай мурун
b r u h the LA show is already sold out...
RYANATOR 6969 9 ай мурун
Dragonforce, you have to come to Australia. Also, greetings from Australia!
Nemisis Archer
Nemisis Archer 9 ай мурун
Austrailia: Through the fire and flames we carry on 😭 *Salute*
Choyx13 9 ай мурун
are guys playing the same setlist as past year and this year in Europe?
Hannibal 9 ай мурун
Can’t wait
NeverMetTheGuy 9 ай мурун
Nothing close to MD?! I drove in DC for you last time... I thought you loved me. * Runs off crying loudly. * * Runs into door that opens the other way. * * Nobody noticed. * They noticed.
ZackOvAllTrades 9 ай мурун
I know... I'm seeing them in NY, but it would have been awesome if they came to Silver Spring or Baltimore or something. 😒
CGGuy08 9 ай мурун
Please come to Texas some time!!! I soo will immediately buy tickets!
ouibstir 9 ай мурун
Come to Canada next!!
Gustavo Araújo
Gustavo Araújo 9 ай мурун
Strangers, Razorbalde Meltdown and Cosmic Power of the Infinite Shred Machine are my favorites
Rodnie Sánchez
Rodnie Sánchez 9 ай мурун
The Magentleman
The Magentleman 9 ай мурун
I need the vocal wanking, fret wanking, drum wanking, dragon wanking, Australian and Canadian wanking, just all the wanking but more closer to Florida.
AdalindaDragonQueen 9 ай мурун
Please come back to Tampa Florida soon!!!
Skalorria 1
Skalorria 1 9 ай мурун
I feel like i am getting robbed of my money... i gotta go
FinnishArmy 9 ай мурун
For a $35-$50 Ticket? That's extremely cheap, brother. Try seeing Justin Beiber, for $200... what a waste.
Patrick Quillen
Patrick Quillen 9 ай мурун
How much are the tickets ?
Ernesto Carranza
Ernesto Carranza 9 ай мурун
Wish y'all could come to texas
NovaCorgi 9 ай мурун
I wish they would come to Atlanta or Nashville this year.
Seething Simp
Seething Simp 9 ай мурун
Every date is "so far awayyy" from me :(
tomás g
tomás g 9 ай мурун
im in southamerica lol third world problems
Oskaras Mikelionis
Oskaras Mikelionis 9 ай мурун
Matygoo 9 ай мурун
I'm in the Uk
Will Smyser
Will Smyser 9 ай мурун
Key2theUniverse 9 ай мурун
Don't you love it when a band is self aware
FratinandMadrik 9 ай мурун
At some point you should add Gloryhammer to the list of opening bands 🤘
Stephen Allange
Stephen Allange 9 ай мурун
After this current Gloryhammer tour I will nor see them opening for anyone anytime soon. Headline material all the way,
Nevvie 9 ай мурун
heart demolition is still really underrated
Nevvie 9 ай мурун
@0seconds the video hasnt even hit a million views yet so im pretty sure i can say its underrated
Rough 9 ай мурун
@0seconds This comment is underrated.
Ektoras 9 ай мурун
The whole album is pretty meh
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 9 ай мурун
Oraneg Samot tbags the best song
tomás g
tomás g 9 ай мурун
It's a great song. Also Cosmic Power of whatever lol that song is amazing
Jack Waynick
Jack Waynick 9 ай мурун
My girlfriend got me tickets for Detroit, can’t wait
Ma_sonCH 9 ай мурун
Nice! I'll be there too
Anton Larter
Anton Larter 9 ай мурун
Jack Waynick sounds like your girlfriend is a keeper!
FratinandMadrik 9 ай мурун
Highway to Oblivion! 🤘
Fungeons And Kraggons
Fungeons And Kraggons 9 ай мурун
Wish there was one in Upstate NY
Handsomeless King
Handsomeless King 9 ай мурун
What i get for my money? The value.
Melloin 9 ай мурун
hell yeah theres one in detroit!
Melloin 9 ай мурун
@NeverMetTheGuy lets meet up and go to detroit then lol
Ma_sonCH 9 ай мурун
I already have my tickets for Detroit
NeverMetTheGuy 9 ай мурун
You suck! There's nothing near Maryland! I want a divorce.
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 9 ай мурун
Silly captions, hahahah
warlisson silva
warlisson silva 9 ай мурун
bikerguy1106 9 ай мурун
Lazar Todorović
Lazar Todorović 9 ай мурун
Lazar Todorović
Lazar Todorović 9 ай мурун
(and yes i AM first like and comment BUUUUT WHO GIVES A SHIT)
CØBRA _N777 9 ай мурун
Number one nice
Jaqueline león Galindo
Jaqueline león Galindo 9 ай мурун
Come to mexico please!🙁
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